Climate Tour

isti Csü, 2007-07-26 10:32

I am a teacher of English from Budapest, Hungary - and a keen environmental and human rights activist.

Last year I met a Scottish friend in Ballater who had been to the Climate Camp and told me some horrendous figures of average individual emissions.

I decided that this year I would do the trip by bike (instead of a bus and a plane).

And so I did.

I visited my friends again on the Royal Deeside and in Glasgow too, but soon I am turning south to go to this year`s Camp.

My aim is to take part in and document the camp - and share the experiences and the information I learn with my fellow Hungarians.

Our country is one of the more vulnerable ones as far as climate change is concerned (a week of roundabout 40 degrees Celsius just recently, which is not the norm!), and is badly in need of a hard hitting climate campaign and a popular climate-politicial movement.

Numerous organisations, groups and individuals are working extremely hard to achieve this, and this tour is my contribution.

I have cycled 1829 kilometers and 104 miles so far, been on several TVs, radios, websites and in a few papers talking about the issue. My core message is that everyone can make their own wee contribution to a positive change - if not by cycling across the Continent then by not taking the car to the corner shop, and opting for other green lifestyle choices too.

Feel free to contact me for more info:

+36 70 339 0711

I will probably not have much time to update my blog in both languages, but even if you don`t speak Hungarian, it may still be worth clicking on the blog entries under this url, and checking out the picture galleries attached.
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Have fun!

Oh! And my route is roughly this:

Budapest, Hungary - Slovakia - Austria - Germany - Holland - Belgium - Zeebrugge, Belgium
ferry to Rosyth
Rosyth - Ballater

In the Highlands I took a two weeks rest, and when I started again (from Glasgow), I did my knee in on the first day and had to get on a train in Carlisle. I went back to Scotland and eventually took a coach to London from Glasgow. I joined the Climate Camp Bikeride on the last leg, from the Rampart community centre to the campsite near Heathrow, and it was well worth it, even though I did a good deal of the pedalling with one leg. Thanks to Andy, Tom and all the others for their kind words and support!

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