ROR Budapest and RQAC in solidarity with Istanbul on the 8th of March

ror Rhythms of Resistance Budapest Ked, 2014-03-11 01:30

Rhythms of Resistance, the Radical Queer Affinity Collective and the Infoshop Collective from Budapest stand in solidarity with our comrades from Istanbul, the women who faced the brutality of the turkish police on the 8th of March, the women who face brutality every day.
Here is their statement, their voice:

17 April: Day of Peasant's Struggle

Mojito Pén, 2012-04-06 23:30

April 17 is the International Day of Peasant Struggle, commemorating the massacre of 19 peasants struggling for land and justice in Brazil in 1996. Every year on that day actions take place around the world in defence of peasants and small-scale farmers struggling for their rights.

Solidarity with Roșia Montana!

ror Rhythms of Resistance Budapest Csü, 2011-12-01 11:18
2011-12-30 15:00

For 15 years, the Transylvanian village of Roșia Montana is being threatened by Gabriel Resources, a transnational corporation that wants to develop a huge gold exploitation and processing facility in the area, destroying the environment and the entire village. The local population is now confronted with financial, social and propaganda pressure by the Gabriel corporation. You can find more details here:

“Building a Solidarity Economy Based on Ethics and Ecology.”

urbi Vas, 2011-01-30 13:13
2011-07-07 07:07

You are cordially invited to attend the First Global Prout Conference to be held in Venezuela.

The first three days, July 7-9, 2011, will be a public conference in a Caracas auditorium: “Building a Solidarity Economy Based on Ethics and Ecology”.

Solidarity Demonstration

Mojito Sze, 2009-11-18 15:23

On November 17 a group of 10 activists and students came to the Austrian embassy to express their support to and solidarity with Austrian students and squatters.
The demonstration started at 10-20 a.m. after majority of people gathered on the opposite side of the street.

Solidarity Demonstration

Mojito Csü, 2009-11-12 15:38

Time: 10 a.m., 17 November
Place: Austrian embassy, 6th district, Benczúr utca 16 (close to Andrassy)
Scope: the d.e.m.o.n.s.t.r.a.t.i.o.n. is mainly dedicated to the following:

Tartalom átvétel