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My Grandfather's world

Rékatje Mandala in Green and Pink Hét, 2011-08-01 13:19

- But seriously, at this stage of your life you should think about how you are going to earn money. Money turns the wheel of the world around, you cannot reject this fact. So after having your diploma in your hand, you should think about where your knowledge could be financially best acknowledged. What did you say what are your plans for next year?
- Well, I am going to work within different NGO’s on art and environmental projects…
- But you know that you cannot make a living by working in an NGO. Especially not in Hungary. You should stand on the side of winners and find a well-paid job. I’ve heard that they are going to launch a big national project for promoting wind energy. If you’re smart enough, you may get into these circles and get successful. You care about sustainability issues, right?
- Yes…
- These ideas of yours about a communal society functioning without money are lovely but they don’t make any sense. Playing with a bunch of gypsy kids won’t bring you any further.
- But there are so many everyday solutions which don’t require any money. You can travel around, find accommodation, get food and nice company without spending a forint. I have experienced it so many times.
- Maybe these ways exist but you also have to admit, this is not normal. The average people have other values and you can only live this kind of life till you get children. After you will need to take care about them: feed them, buy them clothes, toys etc. You need to bring them to school. For that you need a car. When will you get your driving license?
- I don’t know. I don’t know if I need one. In the city I can get around by bike. Maybe in the future if I live on a farm I might need a car but till then...
- Maybe it is my fault but I don’t understand you young people’s way of thinking. I had to start working to make a living and to help my father at a very young age. I had to earn money. As a car mechanic my father was the best known in town and I also contributed to make the name of our family well-known and acknowledged. It is very strange for me to hear that you don’t even want a car.
- Times change…
- Very well, you are still young. When you get a bit older you will see. You will value security and stability more than now. You will also realize that you cannot sleep each night somewhere else. You will also feel the need for a house and certain material things. And you will remember what your grandfather that old fool used to say.
- Maybe.
- OK, enough for today. I will just go upstairs, watch the news and read a bit. I’ve found such an interesting book about the kings of Hungary in the 14th century. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Két versem a Tilos Rádióról, amely most augusztusban volt 18 éves

DnB Hét, 2009-09-14 20:00

A Tilos

Tudtam,hogy létezik Tilos Rádió.
Jobban érdekelt,mint a varázslót Márió.
Nem lehetett fogni keleti normán.
Egy új rádiót vettem ilyenformán.

A Té alakú szalagantennát is a rádiómhoz kötöttem,
mert már csendben,jó ideje csak a Tilost kutattam és kerestem.
Mikor hallom meg végre már a 98-as Fm csatornán,

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