urbi Ked, 2011-10-11 01:55

The arts and peace are both connected with creativity and spirituality, and because of this are linked with each other. Art is a creation of the human mind. Art in its many forms is a very positive and powerful vehicle for encouraging personal and social transformation.

MP3: Jahan Matboo Gallery Show at Tűzraktér

redjade Szo, 2009-07-18 14:29

Jahan Matboo is an Iranian artist and painter that has come to Budapest to study english and connect with other artists in Hungary and Europe during his six month visit.

His paintings will be on display until August 9th at Budapest's Tűzraktér gallery - please drop by and check them out. [30% of money made from the paintings will go to Hungarian charities to feed the poor.]

<Quote> My name is Jahan Matboo, I found this place (Tűzraktér), I tried a lot of galleries in Hungary but they didn't give me time. And I found only this one place to show my paintings.... And these paintings are a kind of typography, I use the Persian letters with the painting with the lines...

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