Make Bologna history!

Mojito Pén, 2010-02-05 11:36

Celebrating Bologna? We don't think so

International call for participation:

On March 11 and 12 2010 the education ministers of 46 European countries will celebrate the 10-years anniversary of the Bologna-process in Vienna and Budapest:

Stop the militarization of University! Students' call in Slovenia

angelina Csü, 2009-11-19 20:19

"You all probably know what is meant by term Autonomy of the University, it is written in the Statute which you've all probably read. I am interested to know how is it possible that on the University, under the veil of round tables, public debates, course's syllabuses, you are propagating the vulturine militant ideology, you are propagating NATO, which we know is instrument of the West for exploitation of the peripheral parts of the World, instrument of neocolonialism, imperialism and of course of the Capital?

Tartalom átvétel