SOLIDARITY with Ogólnopolski strajk kobiet! Polish women on strike!

ror Rhythms of Resistance Budapest Szo, 2017-03-04 00:32

RoR took part in the solidarity demo with Polish women who went on strike agains the total ban of abortion.
The demo took place in front of the Polish embassy in Budapest on October 3, 2016. RoR members were wearing black as a solidarity sign with Polish women who went into the streets dressed in black.

On Squats in Poland

Mojito Hét, 2009-03-16 13:27

Eviction of a new squat in Poznan - 8 squatters from Poznan were arrested today morning during an eviction of a new squat in Poznan city centre (the building was squatted for 2 months). The people arrested were not only the squatters from this squat but also people from Poznan's oldest squat Rozbrat (www.rozbrat.org), who came to support them.

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