SOLIDARITY with Ogólnopolski strajk kobiet! Polish women on strike!

ror Rhythms of Resistance Budapest Szo, 2017-03-04 00:32

RoR took part in the solidarity demo with Polish women who went on strike agains the total ban of abortion.
The demo took place in front of the Polish embassy in Budapest on October 3, 2016. RoR members were wearing black as a solidarity sign with Polish women who went into the streets dressed in black.

Március 8 / The 8th of March

ror Rhythms of Resistance Budapest Sze, 2016-03-09 18:08

Yesterday the demo dedicated to the women's rights and position of women in society took place in Budapest. There were around 70+ people, several empowering speeches and great mood created by RoR and a lot of shouting!
Among others the people shouted slogans (both in English and Hungarian), such as:
- Feminista forradalom / feminist revolution

Self-Defense for Grrrls: The Role of Voice

Mojito Ked, 2013-03-19 13:59
2013-03-22 18:30

Join us at KLIT for this workshop aimed at exploring our potential ways of practicing self-defense through our voice.

We will talk about our everyday experiences in situations when we as girls are or can be potentially attacked due to our sex\gender.Then we will discuss in which situations we can use our voice (together with body movements or alone) to stand up for ourselves. We will explore the power of our voice through different games and exercises.

Girrrrls are welcome!!!

Stop Male Violence against Women demo

ror Rhythms of Resistance Budapest Hét, 2011-11-28 02:57

25 November is an International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. On the next say, November 26, a number of feminist and women rights NGOs organized a demonstration to commemorate the victims of domestic violence in Hungary. The basic feature of this demo is that every time the people are carrying red women dummies to symbolize those who died from domestic violence. This year was not exceptional in this sense.

16 Days of Action: End Violence Against Women

redjade Vas, 2008-11-23 18:56

Amnesty.hu email from 20 Nov....
We are glad to inform you about the programs of the next weeks.
On 23th November at 2pm will start the '16 Days of Action for the End of Violence Against Women' at the Merlin Theatre. Our new director, Robert Almosd will hold a press conference and at 3pm a process will start to the Liszt Ferenc square. I hope you can come here, because we would be very happy to see lots of Amnesty International activists at this event.
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and also see the photo series...

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