Etikus-e a Nato beavatkozás Libiában?

urbi Csü, 2011-04-14 23:49

Marton Péter véleménye:Corvinus Egyetem.

A beavatkozás okairól még a beavatkozás első napján:

A kezdeti szakasszal kapcsolatban a legfontosabb döntésekről hasonlót itt:

Global Military Agenda: Increased US-NATO Military Presence in Southeast Asia. Completing Plans For Asian NATO by Rick Rozoff

urbi ÉLJ BOLDOGAN! Pén, 2010-11-05 14:16

In keeping with the global trend manifested in other strategically vital areas of the world, the United States and its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - a consortium of all major Western military (including nuclear) powers and former colonial empires - are increasing their military presence in Southeast Asia with special emphasis on the geopolitically critical Strait of Malacca.

270 Pacifists Arrested in Belgium at Anti-nuclear Protest

Mojito Vas, 2010-04-04 02:30

270 pacifists were arrested on 3 March, while trying to enter the NATO military base in Klein Brogele in northwestern Belgium. Police officers arrested the demonstrators outside the base, while those who breached the barbed wire enclosure were held by the military. Protesters believed that at this military base around 20 NATO nuclear warheads are stored.

UK Chagos Islanders Genocide and a Hungarian Response

redjade Hét, 2008-11-03 15:16

You may have heard that the UK House of Lords judicial panel denied the Right of Return to the Chagos islanders after they were forcibly removed in the 1960s. 'The [UK] government had argued that allowing the Chagossians to return to the islands would pose a threat to the US Diego Garcia naval base.'

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