CONSUME for Happiness

Mojito Szo, 2010-01-23 04:40
See video

This is a great video putting into words and images the message the current system tries to carve into the brains of people.

MP3: Védegylet - Beyond the Financial Crisis

redjade Vas, 2008-11-09 14:26

More of my photos and commentary later.

But Why $700,000,000,000 Dollars?

redjade Szo, 2008-09-27 12:47

$700,000,000,000 Dollars is a lot of money - even for people who spend a lot of money it is a lot of money! But propping up the nearly dead carcass of American capitalism is worth it, right?

But why $700 Billion? Why not $600 Billion or $900 Billion? {Especially when many economists say the bail out is not necessary.} The following quote explains it...

Food Riots in the First World?

redjade Sze, 2008-04-23 22:35

Think the recent food riots are something those 'Third World People' only do? Think again....

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Already feeling the pinch from soaring wheat and flour prices, U.S. bakers are now beginning to experience some supply shortages.

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