Barack Hussein Obama

Is Obama Becoming Worse than Bush?

redjade Hét, 2009-05-25 10:47

There are many issues that Obama has made positive changes from the Bush Era - and while change is slow, I believe that he will continue to make good changes in the future.

But the issue of Rule of Law and Human Rights it is fast becoming a very mixed bag of improvement from the past and now making permanent some of the worst of the Bush Regime.

While, Guantánamo in US Occupied Cuba is closing - Bagram US Air Base in Aghanistan is continuing and expanding....

Barack Hussein Obama Beiktatási Beszéde

redjade Sze, 2009-01-21 01:12


Alázatosan állok ma itt, látva a feladatot mely ránk vár, hálával tekintve a bizalomra, mellyel megtiszteltek, nem feledkezve el azokról az áldozatokról, melyet őseink hoztak. Köszönöm Bush elnöknek a szolgálatát, melyet nemzetünkért tett, köszönöm a nagylelkűségét és együttműködését, mellyel az elnökség átruházását segítette.

44 amerikai tette le eddig az elnöki esküt. E szavak elhangzottak a jólét és a béke növekvő hullámai alatt. Néha azonban az eskü gomolygó viharfelhők vagy dühöngő viharok közepette került elmondásra. Ezen időkben Amerika mégis továbbhaladt nem csak a vezetők képességeinek és vízióinak hála, de azért is mert mi egyszer emberek hűek maradtunk ideálunkhoz, elődeinkhez és az alapító dokumentumokhoz.

USA Regime Change Party ...and you're invited

redjade Hét, 2009-01-19 13:40

When + Where: Tuesday January 20th starting at 16:30 at Beckett's Pub (see attached map)

Who: The Budapest group 'Forum for Change' (formerly Hungary for Obama) is having an Obama Inauguration Party to watch the LIVE ceremonies of the start of the Obama Presidency (and the official end of the George W Bush presidency!)

Why: Celebrate the end of an eight-year long nightmare, for America and for the world. {click here for more info....}

Obama: Another Híd Is Possible

redjade Ked, 2008-11-25 19:09

It may seem a bit strange, if not just plain silly, to be out on Ezserbet Híd on one of the first days of snow with cold wind blowing off the Danube for a candidate that has already won the election.... and, you would be correct in thinking so! click here to see photos and more commentary...

President Barack Hussein Obama.

redjade Ked, 2008-11-04 19:24

Looking at all the polls and sticking with my prediction that I've been making since last spring sometime - Barack Hussein Obama will be elected president of the US of A.

Assuming there will not be any rigging of the election, and I am not joking about that possibility

Margit Híd for Obama - You're Invited!

redjade Szo, 2008-10-18 20:29

You may remember my first report about the 'Hungary for Obama' organisation last May called: Obama Supporters on the Danube! There will be another Obama Bridge event this Sunday and 4pm - see you there! ALL NATIONALITIES are invited.

Several people have recently suggested that we do another Bridges for
Obama group photo. Given that the sun fades early these days and next
weekend many will be out of town, we decided on short notice to do a
photo THIS SUNDAY, before the Debate replay.

WHEN: Sunday, 19 October 4:00-4:30

WHERE: Margit Híd (Margaret Bridge) in the middle of the bridge.

Invitation: Barack Music Fest - 18 Sept

redjade Ked, 2008-09-16 08:56

Hi folks,

If you have been following my series on the USA Elections then you may be interested in coming to this event. The Hungary for Obama organisation will be having a 'Barack Music Fest' this Thursday 18 September at Merlin Szinhaz in Budapest. Expect to see a very international crowd - not just Americans.

And expect the Americans complaining about the Republicans' new Vice-Presidential pick, Sarah Palin - the Oil Drilling, Bible Thumping, Book Banning (attempted) and Moose Eating Alaskan mother of five! Sigh.... only in America.

Considering that the Republican Presidential candidate John McCain is 72 years old and has had cancer four times, her craziness does matter. So, please drop by and join in the discussions, fun and music! ALL are welcome.

Obama: Go get a coffee, sit down, and watch the next President of the United States of America....

redjade Pén, 2008-08-29 16:29

I stayed up last night til 5am to watch the Peach Saddam Osama Barack Hussein Obama speech at the Democratic Party convention in Denver Colorado. The campaign took his nomination acceptance speech out of the closed convention halls and outside in the open air to a football stadium and invited 78,000 people to join the celebration.

It was Berlin all over again, but this time in the Rocky Mountains.

Hungarian Immigrant Stands Against Xenophobia

redjade Pén, 2008-05-23 19:35

'My mother took her driver's test in Hungarian,' Ohio State Representative Peter Ujvagi said, 'If she had to take it in English, she could never have been able to drive, and she worked her fingers to the bone. My father was a successful businessman. He understood English, but never figured out English grammar...'

Ohio State Rep. Peter Ujvagi<br>(Democrat from Toledo)

Obama Supporters on the Danube!

redjade Pén, 2008-05-16 01:15

On Thursday, May 15, 2008, about 2 dozen Peach Saddam Osama Barack Hussein Obama supporters in Budapest to be a part of the global Yes We Span: Bridges for Obama photo project.

It has been a difficult life for Americans on this side of the Atlantic Pond for the last (almost) eight years having to explain George W Bush. Today was a moment to say that it is possible - many predict inevitable - that seriously different path for America is about to happen in this November's elections.

Barack Obama will become the next president of the United States of America. And, I will bet a beer on this prediction!...

25+ Supportes of Obama in Budapest Hungary
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