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Demanding the Moon to get the Earth

redjade Hét, 2007-12-17 05:24

Tonight, while hanging out with TB Mentők and the Humanists and others was wonderful - in spite of the fact it was really really cold! And, as a result, I chickened out and am writing this at home now and not with Verocska.

It was a strange political environment as the Kossuth Ter people came to join us which created both unease and an interesting mix of political cultures strangely united around the issue of stopping the privatisation of the Health care in Hungary. Actually the whole night was a mix of TB Mentők, Humanists, anarchists and various fractions of the right wing Kossuth Ter people.

Balazs from the Humanists kept asking me what I thought about 'Gradualism' vs real revolution. I told him I thought it was a false dichotomy - and i tried to remember the full quote of Frederick Douglass while shivering in the cold next to the Danube at near midnight.

Frederick Douglass? Who is that?

Frederick Douglass, the real American hero (although censored from the history books)
Tartalom átvétel