MP3: Mindenki Joga Radio Interview with US War Resister

Mindenki Joga Mindenki Joga Csü, 2009-05-28 13:22

Balazs Nagy: Can you tell a few words about yourself and how you got to the situation that you are in?

Victor Agosto: Ok, I am Victor Agosto, I joined the Army of the United States in August of 2005. I was sent to Iraq in October of 2006. And I stayed there until November of 2007. And while I was in Iraq I turned against both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And now my unit is sending me to Afghanistan - or wants to send me to Afghanistan - but I have already told them that I am not going to go and that I am not going to obey any orders supporting my unit's deployment to Afghanistan.

Balazs Nagy: What does it mean that you will not obey any orders? What are the consequences?

Victor Agosto: I am not sure exactly what the consequences are going to be. But, the worst case scenario is that I will get Court's Marshaled and I will be sentenced to a couple years of prison and that I will get a bad discharge from the military which would make it somewhat difficult to find employment or a job in the United States.

MP3: TGM and Anti-NATO Protest at Blaha Lujza Tér

redjade Vas, 2009-04-05 14:25

2009 April 3
Anti-NATO Protest at Blaha Lujza Tér in Budapest, Miklós Tamás Gáspár speaking (in Hungarian) about NATO, Hungary and the Zöld Baloldal Party (Green-Left Party) in the upcoming June 7 European Parliament elections....

How to Start a New Cold War

redjade Sze, 2008-08-20 12:21

George Monbiot says it all so much better than I ever could.....

So why commit endless billions to a programme that is bound to fail? I’ll give you a clue: the answer is in the question. It persists because it doesn’t work.

Budapest Solidarity with Czech 'Star Wars' Hunger Strikers

redjade Ked, 2008-06-24 16:48

June 22nd was the world-wide hunger strike in solidarity with Czech Hunger Strikers Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar. Budapest had it's own solidarity Hunger Strikers - more than 30 had a press conference on the banks of the Danube with the Parliament across the river.

Daily Blog #001: Iraq War, the sequel within a sequel

redjade Csü, 2008-03-27 21:57

Ugh!! Watching CNN International describe the new revived Iraq War (as if the last one ever really ended) as a 'Religious War for Oil in Basra' is enough to make one cringe and get violent towards the TV set.

Me wonders if CNN would ever describe Bush's evangelical war on Iraq as a 'Religious War for Oil?' But why bother asking a question you already know the answer to!?

22 yeat old capitalist multi-millionare

UK News: Lockheed Martin HQ Shutdown {updated with photos}

redjade Csü, 2007-12-13 14:14

Current Info...

SMS from C.O'R:
'Mission Accomplished!
We just shutdown Lockheed Martin HQ in London with chains,
a Catholic Priest & bunch of raging grannies!
Lockheed make nukes Aldermaston!'

Ciaron in Budapest last March 2007

Közért: A Conversation about 'Route Irish'

redjade Ked, 2007-12-04 15:49

First, I wish to say thank you to all who came to the premiere of 'Route Irish' at Közért. last Friday, Nov 30th. About 35 of us squeezed into that small space and watched the documentary with poor sound speakers - it must have been difficult for some. So, thank you....

'Route Irish' - a documentary about the Irish antiwar movments
Tartalom átvétel