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Mindenki Joga FM98 - Budapest Pride Review No. 1 - 2010 July 19

redjade Mindenki Joga Szo, 2010-08-14 16:08

Topics for 07 19 2010
Episode 4:

Review of Budapest Pride Week & March
Interviews with
• On the march interviews
• Desiré Dubounet from Budapest
• Who was Károly Mária Kertbeny?
• a Talk with UK LGBT activist Clare Dimyon
• Democracy Now, 15 July 2010

MP3: Mindenki Joga FM 98 - 2010 July 5 - Budapest Pride

redjade Mindenki Joga Hét, 2010-07-05 12:18

Topics for 2010 July 5:
This week's show is about the Budapest LGBT Pride and the 4th of July. First we have some recordings of the opening night ceremonies for the Budapest Pride - US Ambassador to Hungary Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis (in English and Hungarian), UK Ambassador to Hungary Greg Dorey (in English) and Steigler Sándor Szivárványmisszió Alapítvány [Rainbow Mission] (in Hungarian). Then we listen to Zhenya, a gay male Russian, who places the Budapest Pride into a European regional and global context.

After a short break we then celebrate the 4th of July (Happy 231st Birthday US of A!) with essays and speeches by the American historian Howard Zinn who passed away this last January...

MP3: Mindenki Joga FM 98 - 2010 June 28

redjade Mindenki Joga Pén, 2010-07-02 17:54

Topics for 2010 June 28:
A program első része magyarul hangzik el. A program témája a kínzás - június 26.- a a Kínzás Áldozatainak Nemzetközi Napja volt. A Cordelia Alapítvány június 24.-án emlékezett meg e napról a Kőleves Kertben. Először a Tollfosztás című színdarabot nézhettük meg a Független Színháztól, Balogh Rodrigó rendezésében. Utána pedig kerekasztal- beszélgetést hallgathattunk meg.

The theme for today's program is the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. This first part of the show is in Hungarian and the English part starts at the 37 minutes mark. During the Hungarian language portion is a play by Független Színház and then a round table discussion sponsored by the Cordelia Foundation...

MP3: Mindenki Joga FM 98 - 2010 June 21

redjade Mindenki Joga Szo, 2010-06-26 12:12

Topics on 2010 June 21: World Refugee Day, The Pashtun Jungle of Calais France, a speech and music by Emmanuel Jal, US/NATO Losing Afghan War, Kathy Kelly back from Pakistan, Britain admits to mistake of Northern Ireland Bloody Sunday massacre...

Budapest Protest at Israeli Embassy Against The Gaza Flotilla Massacre

redjade Ked, 2010-06-01 01:25

The Humanist Movement and newly elected MPs from the LMP Party and others protested in front of the Israeli Embassy in Budapest, Hungary on May 31 2010 - about 30 people in total. Viktor D'Elia made the speech in hungarian...

Photos: Bratislava/Pozsony Slovakia Pride 2010

redjade Ked, 2010-05-25 15:51

I will be adding more text and descriptions later tonight. As requested by many (thank you for nudging me!) here's the photos. If you use this photos elsewhere, please add a link back to - köszönöm!

Photos: Szolidaritási tüntetés Papp Réka Kinga mellett

redjade Millió zsebbe száll Vas, 2010-05-16 14:41

A pénteki szolidaritási tüntetés, amin kb. 80 ember énekelte el a Millió zsebbe szállt... és az Egyiknek sikerül, másiknak nem-et. A két dalt, ami miatt a hatodik kerületi polgármester beperelte Jéékát. Képek alább.

MP3: Almássy újraindul táncház: május 7 2010

redjade Szo, 2010-05-08 14:58
one of the Hungarian trad bands playing May 7 2010

The Almássy Community Centre (Almássy téri Szabadidő Központ) in the 7th District has reopened and the trad music scene is back! Years ago when we moved into this neighborhood I felt that it was a true gem with the wonderful Dance House music available every week.

Then it closed a January 1st 2008 due to circumstances I never really understood. But now it has reopened its doors and the musicians are coming back! Last night was the revival of the TáncHáz Trad music scene and below are two samples of the music that I recorded...

Kaszinó » Opening Night

redjade Kaszino Szo, 2010-04-24 14:38

Opening night at Kaszinó Free Space (22 April, 2010).
Come visit at Nyár utca 29, VII District, Budapest...

MP3: Jogunk a Városhoz! (or The Right to the City!) @ Sirály

redjade Szo, 2010-04-03 16:53

How the European City developed as a social space in Central and Eastern Europe during the 20th century is quite different than other parts of Europe - and how to 'humanize' the City was recently publicly discussed by Hungary's 'Jogunk a Városhoz!', or 'The Right to the City!' at Sirály Café in the centre of Budapest. The 12 day forum and initiative was sparked by the Hungarian organization Artemisszió to create a dialogue between the region's young urban activists and create a dialogue for a humane democratized urban space for its residents.

Tartalom átvétel