ROR Budapest and RQAC in solidarity with Istanbul on the 8th of March

ror Rhythms of Resistance Budapest Ked, 2014-03-11 01:30

Rhythms of Resistance, the Radical Queer Affinity Collective and the Infoshop Collective from Budapest stand in solidarity with our comrades from Istanbul, the women who faced the brutality of the turkish police on the 8th of March, the women who face brutality every day.
Here is their statement, their voice:

We, the women are in Taksim in Istanbul on the 8th of March!

We are, as the women who live in Turkey, shouting our voice on the streets
for 11 years, calling out against patriarchy, against men's violence,
sexism, heterosexism, capitalism, militarism and war; at the night marches
of 8th of March.

Since the last 8th of March, it has been a year which has passed with an
increasing violence against woman.

Everyday, we are reading another femicide on the news. Everyday three women
are killed in Turkey. The murderers and the rapists receive no punishments.
The state is not trying to stop the violence against women, but try to stop
the divorces.

AKP (Justice and Development Party); which is the government, the legislative and the jurisdiction power at the same time, has taken our right of abortion. We are sent away from
the doors of the public hospitals. It has been limited to reach the
contraceptive methods. The government doesn't hesitate to step forward in
order to control the women's body. They are preparing the laws which are
going to condemn us to flexible and insecure work life. Women's shelters
and information centers in Turkey are very symbolic in number and insufficient. Removing the Ministry of Women, the government formed the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. This new Ministery turns womens’s shelters and information centers into places which protect the family and force women to be obliged to the family.
We, as the women who were on the streets in Gezi Resistance, challenged
to the sexist policies of the state. We directly came across with violence and
sexual harassment of the police while resisting.

This was not the first time, though. The women faced with police violence on the
8th of March celebrations of 2005 in Beyazıt. The Turkish state has been
condemned by the European Court of Human Rights because of the police
violence in 2005.

Taksim, where we as women in Istanbul go on resisting and existing in spite of the police violence and all the preventions, repeating that " we are not leaving these streets and nights", is now under police blockade. On these streets, where we have been calling out to the world for women’s freedom for 11 years, we are now faced with the threat of the police violence, harrasment and tear gas for the upcoming 8th of March.
The oppression is increasingly going on but we don't give up resisting and revolting against patriarchy! As we have been for the last 11 years, we are going to be in Taksim on the 8th of March for our night march.

AKP government, which is attacking all fields of our lives, is also trying to take our streets that we walk on. But despite all of the prohibitions we are meeting in Taksim and shouting our voice.

We are calling the women from all around the world, to call out for the
freedom of women, to call out against the possible police violence and for
solidarity; even though they can not be with us in Taksim. We are going to
pass the police barricades in Taksim together.

Let the father come, Let the husband come, Let the police come, Let the
nightstick come!

Delibaretely on revolt! Delibaretely on revolt! Delibaretely freedom!

Istanbul Feminist Collective