Student Protests in Budapest. December 2012

ror Rhythms of Resistance Budapest Hét, 2013-01-07 05:26

Starting from December 10, 2012 thousands of university and high school students went into the streets of Budapest with spontaneous protests against governmental budget cuts in education. The government of Hungary decided to cut the number of budget (free of charge) places from 50.000 to 10.000 from the next year on.
Rhythms of Resistance Budapest joined the university and high school student protests on December 10, 17, and 19. The decision of joining the spontaneous demo on December 10 was as spontaneous as the demo itself. We were going to our rehearsal, as one of our members involved in the student protest informed us about the latter, so we joined the students during their protest march near the Astoria campus of ELTE university. We went with the students all the way through up to the Buda side of the Chain bridge. It was great, as we were welcomed and got a lot of positive feedback and gratitude from the students.
Next demos and or participation in them was planned, as we knew about them in advance. The protests were nice and quite long with thousands of university and high school students occupying the streets of Budapest. We were leading the demos sometimes, inspiring the students with our rhythms and shouting breaks AZ EGYETEM MIENK (The university is ours), SZABAD EGYETEM (Free university) and AZ OKTATAS NEM ELADO (The education is not for sale).
More information about the protests you can find under the links below.