About Green Spider Foundation

bil Zöld Pók Alapítvány régi honlapja Ked, 2011-07-12 12:07

Filmmaker NGO Green Spider Hungary promotes progressive issues in short, tasty videos on topics like food sovereignity, migration rights, enviromental initiatives and much more. Videos are being screened in major Hungarian news sites and local TVs.

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The mission of the Green Spider Foundation is to help nonprofit organizations communicate their messages. Our work is based on the belief that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can only change the World if the World knows about them.

Green Spider was named after its first action: 17 years ago, at the beginning of the history of Internet we provided Internet access and other web based communication tools as a nonprofit service to many Hungarian environmentalists and nonprofit organizations, creating so a sort of “green web”. Nowadays public attention is just as hard to get as it was difficult to get access to the Internet 17 years ago in Hungary. Green Spider Foundation hasn’t now the same role as it used to have in the beginning. Today we make short videos on the work of environmental and social organizations and bring these videos to the media free. This way we help the general public to understand what the civil society can do for all of us and how we can participate in their work.

The Green Spider Foundation functions as a bridge between two fields: we cooperate both with civic actors and media companies. We know both sides very well and it enables us to produce entertaining and thoughtful videos on the work of NGOs, a kind of engaged content that the media welcomes. We make civic and community initiatives popular. We help especially those that can make our World better, fairer, and more sustainable. We give our videos to the media free, because we want these important messages to get to as many people as possible.

So far we have produced films in cooperation with organisations such as Greenpeace Hungary, Friends of the Earth Hungary, Protect The Future, Association of Conscious Consumers and Waste Prevention Alliance Hungary.

Some of our films with English subtitles

Small scale milk producers struggle to survive in Hungary and accross the region in East-Europe, but now some of them use direct trade as a tool that will help to survive.

One family farm gets bankrupt each minute in Europe, since small scale farmers hardly can enter to the market dominated by chain stores. This tragedy raises unemployment, and all the while the food, that originates from special local traditions, disappears. On the other hand, industrial agriculture is causing environmental problems. The intensive use of agrochemicals is destroying water resources and fostering land degradation. Biodiversity is reducing day by day.

Our film Sealed or free presents this siutation of Hungarian farmers. We have done this work in collaboration with Protect the Future.

The UN and the World Bank published a report two years ago, which was a result of a huge research project involving 400 scientists from around the World. The report stated that the small-scaled, high tech, environmentally sustainable farming could be the solution. Hungarian NGOs are campaigning to make consumers, farmers and policy makers aware of the problem and to understand their role in the solutions.

A 10 minute film called GM Battle on Spanish and Hungarian lands presents the World Bank Report. We have done this film in collaboration with Greenpeace Hungary.