RISK OF INFECTION? Presentation on last year's strike wave in China

Mojito Csü, 2011-04-14 11:34
2011-04-21 17:00

In mid-2010 a strike wave rolled through China's factories, the most widespread and militant expression of China's internal migrant workers so far. Their struggle shook the Chinese regime and provoked a world-wide debate about the end of the low-wage-model that stands behind China's rise to the "factory of the world" and provides Europe and other regions with cheap consumer products.

This presentation will look at the social conditions that stand behind the militant outbreak – the situation and struggles of different groups of migrant workers, like construction-, factory-, domestic- and sex-workers –, before examining the strike wave and its implications and discussing the formation of a new working class movement in China.

The discussion will also focus on new forms of reference, exchange and support that take into account the current phase of crisis and the increasing number of social struggles in different parts of the world.

The presentation will be held by one of the editors of several German publications on China's migrant workers, including "Dagongmei – Women Workers From China's World Market-Factories Tell Their Story" and "The Take-off of the Second Generation - Migrant Work, Gender and Class Composition in China" (see: www.gongchao.org).

DATE: 21 April 2011
TIME: 17-00
ADDRESS: Bacsó Béla u. 10, near Blaha Lujza sq.