Revolution vs. Consumerism

Mojito Szo, 2009-03-14 11:28

Crisis is becoming global, it affects everything and everybody, sooner or later. Iceland is already fucked up. World crisis is more likely to happen than world revolution. Just because of growing consumerism, the wish to have everything here and now, capitalist propaganda of 'car-house-family' happy life. Consumerism unites people, as they do this independently, but simultaneously. There is no idea behind consumerism, just pure wish to HAVE-POSSES-OBTAIN. Based on one of the basic need of a human being - to eat - it grew to the obsession of buying and consuming over the actual need. Although the needs are different, people tend to look at others, compare, look at others consumering more with jealous eyes and consuming themselves more and more. Just because others do so, so, why not having the bigger share of the pie, even if it is hard to digest?

Revolution is based on other rather ideal than materialist values. Revolution is about change, it's about freedom from the existing situation, it is about some higher human needs in terms of Maslow's pyramid of basic needs. And such 'higher' needs cannot unite people, as lots of people do not have their basic needs satisfied, therefore they do not dare to think about something else, as they want to eat and have some place to sleep at first.

If people understand that their basic needs may be satisfied with revolution, they can go for it. But the biggest concern about the revolution is that it is CHANGE, switch to something new. Its outcome is not predictable at all, it is not stable, it is not clear, whether the situation created by revolution will be better or worse. Revolution in its 'classic' 1917 version brings destruction and chaos at the very beginning, as in order to construct something new, the old should be destroyed and neglected. Or transformed. And this first 'chaotic' phase is scary and threatening to people, it involves disorder, violence and panic. IT is like an injection - first you feel pain, but afterward some relief, as you were given a medicine to heal some health problem. In some cases the health can worsen after an injection though.

Another feature of the 'classic' revolution propagated by history books is that a revolution happens within certain amount of time unlike the crisis that can take decades. For revolution a person should stand up and do something, for consumerism it is enough to click a link on the online shop site and order whatever home, so that a carrier brings it. Consumerism is about laziness and passiveness, stupidity and illusion of satisfaction with material things. It is no wonder that in such situation crisis - either economic or moral will appear at some point, as there is no any energy put into life. At a revolution people at least think and put some energy into either destruction or construction afterward.

P.S. All together this was just a morning reflection on today's moods in the society and the possible ghost of revolution. JUST BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER CENTURY. And big revolutions tend to happen at the beginning of century. Subjective observation.

P.P.S. On reach and poor: