Women’s Day is Every Day!

ror Rhythms of Resistance Budapest Hét, 2015-03-09 17:43

On March 8, the International day of Women’s Right, Rhythms of Resistance organized a march for women’s rights, gender equality, feminism and against everyday discrimination and violence against women. Altogether there were around 100 participants (the number fluctuated depending on the point of the demonstration).
At 2 p.m. the participants of the demonstration started gathering near one of the shopping centers in Buda side of Budapest, as this is one of strategic places to target consumerism and to actually find people outside their homes on Sunday. Another symbolic meaning was that a woman is not a commodity that can be bought or who can be bought by flowers and sweets once a year on a ’special women’s day’.
While the participants were gladly writing their messages to the world why they join the 8th of March demo and then taking pictures with these messages, some people had short speeches. You can find the pictures here:
Andreea Catalina
First of all, a member of RoR shared with the audience one of the aims of the march – to attract attention to the situation of women who are a usual target of discrimination and disrespect on everyday basis, and insisted on the importance of everyday struggle for women’s rights and against discrimination.
Then, Rita from the Association for Women talked about the Istanbul Convention dedicated to prevention and combating against domestic violence. Hungary signed the convention in 2014, but it has not ratified it. Therefore, Rita stressed the importance of signing this Convention by the Hungarian government. The latter failed to ratify it during the first week of March 2015, right before the 8th of March. The opposition did not consider the issue important enough to devote time and space to it at their demonstration against corruption that was happening on March 8 as well.
Another speaker, Andrea from Tolerancia group also expressed her opinion about the wide-spread arguments against the Istanbul Convention and the rise of the far-right.
Among others, there were also present Dr. Wirth Judit from NANE, Dr. Spronz Júlia from PATENT, as well as representatives of LMP and European Leftist party (they came as private persons, not as party representatives).
Around 2:30 p.m. the participants started marching towards the Nyugati (Western railway station) over Margit bridge with RoR in the head of the demonstration. On the way, the participants were shouting the following slogans: „Egy nap nem elég, egy virág nem elég” (’One day is not enough, one flower is not enough”), „Nem vagyok rabszolga” („I am not a servant”), „Szót a nőknek” („A word to the women”), „Isztambuli egyezmény” („Istanbul Convention”), „Biztonságos tereket” („Safe space”), „Így néz ki egy feminista” and „This is what a feminist looks like”.
As the day was sunny and warm, there were quite a lot of passers-by on the way who witnessed the demonstration and who were also given some flyers about the cause of the demo and situation with women and their rights. Some people were cheering to the march. Also on the way there were a lot of stalls with flowers being sold due to the Women’s day. So, the slogan about the flowers were corresponding to reality. Moreover, some woman who was selling flowers gave some to the participants.
Altogether, the participants liked the demonstration, and hopefully the passers-by have caught the message supported by pink-and-silver carnival of samba rhythm.
We will not stop here, the struggle continues, so let every day be women’s day!

Group pic