Bridge over the Wadi - Film Screening at the Infoshop

Mojito Sze, 2010-03-24 15:52

Morze Infoshop Presents:

[b]Bridge over the Wadi[/b] (Tomer Heymann&Barak Heymann,2008, 55 min):
movie screening and workshop about a peace struggles of Palestinian and
Israeli people.

Time & Date:
19-30, Thursday, March 25

Tuzrakter, Hegedu u. 3: most probably in the Apro ter (the room to the
right from the entrance. Just in case, follow the pointers saying 'Bridge

Morze Infoshop Event on Carbon Trading

Mojito Közért Sze, 2009-10-14 02:35

Ecological problems are a part of the system, and therefore the system tries to regulate them. Morze Infoshop is happy to have a guest THIS THURSDAY, 15 OCTOBER at 19-30 who will show a short film "The Carbon Connection" and afterwards we will have a discussion on
* carbon trading and its impact
* UN climate process (what will go on in Copenhagen, why people are protesting)
* climate justice

Belgrade 6 Case Discussion at Morze Infoshop

Mojito Közért Sze, 2009-10-07 21:37

More than 30 days have passed since 6 young Belgrade activists were imprisoned, under the assumptions for »International terrorism«. 6 activists are associates of Anarcho-syndicalist organization (ASI, Belgrade, Serbia), a member organization of International Workers Movement. They are the victims of a political prosecution, facing the very best cruelty of the state repression: under the Serbian law, the state has a possibility to keep these people in prison for 6 months without announcing the charges.

'Venezuelai Szolidaritas' events at Tűzraktér

redjade Pén, 2009-04-17 10:48

Yesterday, on my way to an Infoshop meeting I found a Venezuala Solidarity group public event in the kert of Tűzraktér. As you can see from the photos, there is a photo exhibit, books and DVDs about Chavez's 'Bolivarian Revolution' (in Hungarian), food and music.

MP3: Budapest Infoshop... GörögTűz/Greece on Fire

redjade Csü, 2009-02-05 22:42

At the first Budapest Infoshop since moving to Tűzraktér, Vlanto and the participating audience had more than two hours of discussions, debate and lectures. And, more than 50 people cramped together. Yes, it was exhausting - and from talking to people after, it created more questions than answers. Which, I think is good. I hope that we have more such open forums in the future on a variety of issues.

Some of the issues involved the history of the protest and street fighting movements of Athens and the ethics and responsibilities regarding political violence and a whole lot more - I suggest that you listen in starting with the third mp3 below.

Görög tűz

Mojito Közért Csü, 2009-02-05 02:32

We made it!!! Special thanks to Vlanto! More content by JD is expected soon!
For now: Vlanto's blog with the Greek Fire content - text, pics, videos:
Infoshop site:
More pics:

Wanna Know More?

Mojito Közért Sze, 2009-02-04 01:38

Street action. Csúnya Budapest = Szép Budapest is rendőrség.
This is just a beginning. More will appear soon!

Budapest Infoshop Gets a Paint Job!

redjade Vas, 2009-01-04 13:11

The day started around noon and then into the night - painting the narrow corridor of a room with greens and pinks and black and so on.

After a while it started to take shape started to feel like home, somehow.

Soon we will have shelves and books to put on them and posters for the painted walls and whatever people bring to the space.

MP3: FreeShop and InfoShop Interviews

redjade Hét, 2008-12-08 00:27

Az első MP3 hangfelvétel egy magyar nyelvű interjú Maxigassal, aki Infoshopról és Freeshopról beszél, második MP3 pedig egy angol nyelvű beszélgetés vele, az utolsó interjú pedig Vlantoval, görőg aktivistával készült, aki az általa meglátogatott európai infoshopokról beszél. [click here to hear hungarian and english language interviews with Maxigas and Vlanto about Budapest's new Freeshop and InfoShop....

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