NGOs protest closure of Kishantos organic farm

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Some 150-200 supporters of various NGOs including MTVSZ/Friends of the Earth Hungary and Greenpeace Hungary held a demonstration at Kishantos on Monday, 4th November to protest the National Land Manager’s decision to transfer state-owned plot, so far cultivated as an organic farm, to new landlords. The Save Kishantos! movement continues to protest against government assisted land grab.

The Save Kishantos! Alliance earlier called for public support to save the farm, which they called an example of ecological, sustainable farming utilising no chemicals. Zsolt Szegfalvi head of Greenpeace Hungary said at the time that Kishantos was a “national asset and Hungarian speciality” and added that they were committed to prevent its land from being split up into 10 smaller plots.

The leaders of Kishantos Rural Development Centre, which runs the farm, refused to release the area to the land manager by the deadline that expired by the end of October, and filed a complaint with the rural development minister over the termination of their lease. Mrs Sandor Acs, managing director of the centre, said that they considered the new lease contracts illegitimate and would seek legal remedy.

The Save Kishantos movement seeking to save the farm was supported by some 190 organisations and 7000 private individuals. Greenpeace would sue the land manager for failing to publish winning bids for plots now belonging to the farm.

On 16th October, the World Food Day local farmers and activists of Greenpeace plowed a huge 150x500m big "Save Kishantos" sign on the fields of the

On 17th October day supporters of the Save Kishantos movement sawed wheat seeds on the field in a symbolic action.

The Kishantos Rural Development Centre was set up under an agreement between the Hungarian and German governments 15 years ago, on a state-owned 452 hectares to produce the highest grade seeds for organic farming, offer courses to farmers and do agricultural research.

Yesterday 50 students from Vestjyllands Højskole arrived to Kishantos. The were shocked hearing the recent news about the government assisted land grab. The held a flashmob: Save Kishantos!

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